Monday, September 24, 2007

Catching up

Phew! I'm finally finished my corporate client work for I'm back at the home office and studio and into my own routine again. So much to tell! I'll start with this post. A few weeks ago I posted about my Mum's birthday. Well, we ended up throwing her a big surprise party the next day. She's never had one, so it was great fun! My Dad drove her down from Maine to our house under the ruse that we would all be going out to dinner around Boston. Well, when she arrived she was welcomed by 33 people!

We promptly decked her out in her birthday gear:

She was so delighted and I'm so thankful to everyone who came and made the day so special. It was a steaming hot day in September...95 degrees! So everyone was melting outside. But we turned on the sprinkler for the kids and made the best of it. We had lots of good music from the 50s and early 60s, cake, gifts, and TONS of food. Even Morgan the dog got in on the action.

A wonderful day and even better memories were had by all. The last photo shows Mum opening her gifts with her brother (my uncle) sitting next to her. My brother is on the other side of him; and of course, Morgan is at her feet hoping he might get a treat of his own. (He did get a special L.L. Bean boot squeaky toy later that day...and a few meaty soup bones to chew on). More posts later!!

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