Monday, September 24, 2007

Sabbatical and catch up

My husband is very lucky. For every seven years worked, his company gives an 8 week paid sabbatical to rest. He can do whatever he wants with the time... That being said, we're trying to fill it up with day trips, excursions, and fun. How many chances will we get in our lives to have this time together alone? We're looking at this as our last big hoorah before creating our family. So, by default, I am a lucky wife. Today marks the first official day of sabbatical. Although Friday night Chris had some definite spring in his step when he came through the door. (Whereas I seemed to look beaten by the elements). Saturday (day one of freedom) we went and met up with my friend Sue and her boyfriend at the Big E in Springfield, MA. For those not from the area, this is the "Eastern States Exposition" and is a huge state fair. There's musical acts, livestock, games, rides, food, food, and food. I had several fried items, of course. My husband said "I'm on sabbatical...I'm going to try the fried Oreo!!" I always wondered what a fried Oreo looked I had to wait no looked like a doughnut hole at first. But when you take a bite of the warm treat, you discover the melty Oreo inside. I'm ignoring my chest pains as I write this.And I made sure to buy a bag of cotton candy before we left...just to drive the nail in the coffin that holds my health. We had fun there checking out all the livestock and even the fancy butter sculpture (try to contain your jealousy!)

Sunday found us driving around as we searched for a new television for our bedroom. Happy birthday to my husband! We found a 32 inch flat panel television with a built-in DVD player made by we snatched it up and now I fear I'll never leave my bed again. Again, my health is turning in its grave. RIP.
Today, the first "official" day of sabbatical, I did some work and Chris went for a run. He also made me a delicious sandwich of sliced turkey, cheese, lettuce, avacado, and pesto mayonnaise all on toasted break. *drool* After lunch, we went to Kimball Farm and played mini golf and then had ice cream Frappes. Now, here I am doing work and taking a break to blog. Tomorrow is Chris' birthday and the weather looks to be hot! So, we plan to head out to Martha's Vineyard for the day and see what awaits us there! I'll be sure to post on our discoveries.
On the work front, aside from client projects, I'm working on designs for my holiday cards to sell in my etsy shop. I'm overwhelmed by this task because so much has already been done out there and there's so much yet to be done. Ugh! I don't want to do something cheesy, but I don't want to do something boring. It's so hard to know what direction to go in. So, I've decided to just keep sketching until I feel the light switch on in my head. Am I alone, or do any of you get these pangs of uncertainty about your work? Feel free to comment. Perhaps some time at the ocean will awaken my muse (or put it to sleep with the fresh salt air...who knows). More to come! Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...
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Suzanne said...

Tell Chris Happy Birthday! It was great to see you both on Saturday, although my stomach is still recovering from all of the fried crap!

Megan said...

To whomever chose to post the mean first comment...don't be a douchebag. It's very fundamental. You don't know my family. Comment moderation is now in effect so you can spread your crap somewhere else.