Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sabbatical Day 2

Happy Birthday to my husband, Chris! His birthday was yesterday...and a wish of his was to go to Martha's Vineyard for the day. So, we got up early and drove the hour and a half to the ferry terminal. After a great 45 minute ride, we arrived! I've actually never been there before. I grew up in Southern Maine, so I have always been familiar with the "ocean/tourist" thing. And I never tire of it; I love the ocean and the coast...I'd just never managed to make it out to M.V. before. Anyway, it was a great day! We wandered the shops, had lunch, went to a beach, walked some more and had dinner at Black Dog Tavern. We got to watch the sunset and the full-moon rise. What a day! I would definitely like to go back and explore the different areas of the island and see some of the shops.
The day was one for the senses, and here are a few things I noticed:
The cool breeze wrapping around us
The smell of fresh salt air
The bright aqua ocean
The cloudless blue sky
The scent of onion rings in the air
The sounds of the swirling waves
The hum of the ferry boat's motor
The fresh sea mist spray on my face
The sparkling sun on the water making it look like liquid silver in the highlights
The warm sun on my face (I now have a racoon face thanks to my sunglasses)
Chris told me to mention "husband getting older". (ha ha. Aren't we all...)
The smell of fresh steamed lobster (my husband's birthday dinner...I had the prosciutto-wrapped chicken)

It was a great day to just take deep breaths and let it all out. See more photos here.

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michelle said...

Ohh, how fun. That looks brilliant, I wish I could hop over for a quick trip to M.V.