Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sabbatical day 3 and 4

Hi! Yesterday was incredibly hot; so we walked to the nearby pond and sat on the beach and swam. We were the only ones there so it was so soothing listening to the water lapping the shore. I spent the morning and afternoon doing work. I finally managed to design my Christmas cards to be sold on Etsy and I finished them up yesterday. I've ordered the plates for the letterpress and the waiting begins! I'll have a lot of printing to do soon, I guess. I've done 3 different designs that will be for sale and I tried to make them "cute" and a little different. But not "out there." I've decided that I can second-guess myself I might as well do what I like and leave it at that. I have visions of being stuck with 60 packs of holiday cards in July. We shall see! Today was spent doing work while Chris worked on mowing the lawn/doing yard upkeep. It's supposed to be thunderstormy soon so we're avoiding the outdoors. I decided to post a piece from my recent work: this was the invitation I did for my mother's surprise birthday party. I made 25 of them and they seemed to be a big hit. And for not a lot of money! I designed the inserts myself and printed them/cut them out on my own printer and used a paper cutter for trimming. I used a rubber stamp to do the red "secret" marking, and bought the mini folders and envelopes at Paper-Source. Fun! I even used "mission impossible" language throughout the invitation to keep to the that made it fun to read. And that's the one thing I like to pay attention to: not just a design, but language that relates and ties into the theme is just as important. Have a great day and enjoy!

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Kelly said...

these are awesome! love the feel of them.