Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Maren Rhymes with Karen

Meet our new family member! Her name is Maren and she's an almost 4-month old Mini-Dachshund. Chris surprised me with her on Christmas morning at his parents' house...we were all eating breakfast and in he walked with a family friend (who was dog-sitting for a few nights) carrying her wiggly body in his arms. She had a red bow tied around her neck and was just so precious. I loved her immediately! And she warmed right up to me quickly. What was fun was that his parents had taken care of her for the whole week before Christmas and I never knew! When we arrived 2 days before Christmas, the family friend took her in order to keep the surprise...and I never had any idea. When he came in with her, everyone had their cameras and camcorders going and I just never noticed that they were all focused on me. At first I thought "Look! There's a little dog he brought to show us!!" But then everyone was looking at me and Chris said "Merry Christmas Meg!!" That's when I realized that she was really mine. Fun!! This has been the most uplifting and special surprise and I just can't thank everyone who helped make it happen enough. She's a true joy! To Chris' parents: thank you for all you did to take care of her...a puppy! I know that is so much work!! I'm just sorry it was so sad to take her home with us after you bonded with her. She's lucky to have such great "grandparents" that she trusts and knows. And we will always bring her with us when we visit. Chris, thank you so much for this thoughtful and loving gift. You are so wonderful,caring and sweet...and you knew just what I needed yet I never asked. Yes, she will go for walks with me as I get more exercise and keep me company while I work. She will bring me cheer and smiles throughout the day and give me a little life to take care of while we prepare to hopefully have a baby one day soon. With all the hardships we've been through this year (and, yes, there were lots of high points too!) she is such a wonderful blessing of cheer. Thank you again; I am so lucky.
Now we have to keep working on her training! Maybe she can be my letterpress helper?


Kathleen said...

Congratulations! She is adorable. Great eyes...and what a great name. Hope you are having a lovely holiday season:) It sounds as though you are.

Erin McCall said...

What a beautiful pup! Congrats on your fur baby. We have a boxer and so far we've only had one minor letterpress tragedy with him - some grease from the press dropped on the ground, and when I wasn't watching he walked in it. Got it all over the pads of his feet, and then he ran upstairs to walk on the white carpet. That was fun...

Enjoy the puppy days while they last (they go so quick!) and Happy New Year!