Monday, December 17, 2007

Polar Express

It has been snowing like crazy here and has finally ended today. It is thigh-deep...good times.
Yesterday we set up the Lionel train set Chris' parents gave us for Christmas last's a replica of "The Polar Express" from the book (many also know of the movie). It even has the little characters you can attach to the train and a reindeer harness bell you can ring. hee! Since we won't be around here to celebrate Christmas this year (will be with Chris' family) we didn't see the point of setting up a whole tree. We have a little tiny one that my husband grew up with they once used as one of the table centerpieces during the holiday feast. Each year since he was born, his grandmother gave him a silver ornament for the tree. A red velvet ribbon ties each ornament to each branch. He now has many on there and it's so fun to look at each unique silver treasure...
When we got married, Chris' mom handed over (a little sadly I think) the little tree for us to have and now we set it up each holiday. Chris' brother has the same kind of tree and ornaments of his own...a lovely tradition and such a great idea! Here's our little holiday set up with the train in motion! We look forward to having the train at the base of our big Christmas tree one day...when we have children and celebrate our own traditions. But for now we figured why wait until we have kids to enjoy the toy train? And you know what? It is more fun to watch than I thought it would be.

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