Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Art of it all

Hey everyone! It's a rainy and dreary day here (as usual for March) and I'm happy that it's the first day of Spring! Woo Hoo! Not that we'll see spring weather yet, but we're getting close now! March usually shows rainy weather all month, so April should start to show improvement. Today I thought I would share 2 new Fine Art prints with you. Of course, I enjoy doing letterpress notecards and stationery. But I have the "fine art side" to me that has been itching to get out for a while now. I remember I used to draw or paint every single day. Sadly, now, that is a rare happening.
But I'm getting back in the game with these prints now for sale in my shop. These are not letterpress; be warned. But each has it's own little back story (you can find the write up for each in the shop). I'm pleased with how they turned out, as this idea has been in my brain for a year now. I plan to do a few more in the theme soon. Have a great Thursday; I'll see you here tomorrow with some work great for babies and children.


design for mankind. said...

Oh I looooove these!!!

kelly said...

me too. so unique!