Monday, January 26, 2009

Grateful Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Here are some things I'm thinking about today:
1. The delicious yet unhealthy donuts I had this morning. My husband shared his gift card with me by bringing my donuts for today's breakfast. He also brought me a white hot chocolate from Dunkin's as well! He's so sweet to share his little prize with me.
2. The delicious stuffed mushrooms and chili that await me in the fridge. Chris slaved and cooked all day yesterday and made my favorites! I'm so lucky. (hmm. lots of food I'm thinking about, huh?)
3. A pretty little collar for a cutie!

Collar up close
Maren and her collar


Anonymous said...

That's it!
Food, and too cute!
Time to lose the FALL BANNER!
How about an OBAMA BANNER or maybe skip Winter, jump right into Mud season.

Maybe Icycles...

Megan said...

Yeah yeah! I'm working on a new banner! :)