Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello friends!
I wanted to pop in and wish you all a happy New Year! I know it's a few days late, but we've been away enjoying the holidays and now I'm back in reality! 2008 was quite a roller-coaster year of emotions and events...I must admit I spent a lot of time within myself. That being said, I'm happy that 2009 is here and with it comes a fresh beginning and new plans! While much of the blog world is writing about their goals and resolutions, I find that I have decided to forgo them. In a way, I suppose. With a baby coming in a few short months, I find myself consumed with preparations and plans for this huge life change. My goal is to "have no goals." I need to be free and open to the fact that soon my time will not be just mine anymore and I want to enjoy every moment as it comes to me. I know that holding myself to plans and resolutions of accomplishments I wanted to achieve will only lead me to frustration down the road. I want to feel successful this year. I want to be "in the moment." I want to move through each day with no expectations. This, in itself, is enough of a resolution, and a hard one for me (a constant planner). This is hopefully a year of change and magic...I will be still and let everything unfold around me as it will!
What sort of New Year's thoughts are you thinking?


Nikole said...

What a lovely, fresh away to approach this new year, especially with your little one on the way.

I am focusing on approaching my life with renewed intention this year - no "tangible" goals, just to be present and mindful and to deliberate about how I use my emotional and physical energy.

Happy new year!

Poppy Letterpress said...

Sounds like you're taking on 2009 in the most sensible (and enjoyable) way possible. Do things as you want to, rather than planning to do them along with a million other things.

And after the year that you've just had, I'd say you're already quite successful. 2009 is going to be your best year yet :)

mary said...

I like your attitude and I'm attempting to adopt it somewhat. While on the one hand I need lists and goals to guide and motivate me, I tend to really set myself up for failure with resolutions that are better left for Superwoman than little old me.

Last year, instead of a list of specific resolutions, I made a general goal and kept that goal in mind throughout the year. While in some ways I achieved it, in others I didn't. But overall, I made great strides and I'm proud of staying as focused as I did.

This year, I'm trying the same tactic. And hoping for the best! :)