Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy April!

Howdy! It's the first day of April; Spring is here and warmer weather is in sight. I think I'm coming down with the cold my husband had. But I'll stay in denial and hope it just goes away. I got word back from NA Graphics...the vendor doing my letterpress rollers said I should have them by this coming Thursday...YAY! Then I'll be back in action. They will be rubber this time; so they won't constantly shrink from the cold. Monday I have a web tutorial session with my friend's husband who teaches web design and digital photo/color balancing, etc. etc. I have a bunch of questions and am excited to have someone sitting with me to shed light on the confusing web world for me. As I redo my company website, this will all be helpful information. I'm so tired of scouring books and the internet and still coming up short with what I want to know. Me and a friend/associate are going to a paper show on Wednesday up in Portsmouth, NH (not far away). It will be nice to learn some new things about paper and get plenty of creative eye candy to peruse. I know. I'm lame. But graphic designers get excited about things like paper. It's out of my control. Hopefully I'll have more exciting things to post about soon! I'm off to research lined envelopes now (anyone know where I can get cool A7-sized lined envelopes???) Have a Happy April Fools' Day!


nicole said...

I'm really enjoying your photos, they're so pretty :)

michelle said...

Oh what a cute photo, I hope you had fun at the paper show, I get so freaking excited about paper too! Oh my goodness, I had so many paper samples from the last AIGA conference that I went to, that I had to get rid of some of it b/c I didn't have room to take it all home! I weighed more than my luggage...fellow dork here man.