Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Call of the Wild

Today's animal is Mr. Woodchuck. I think he's our new neighbor; when I look out our window I can see right into his den. If you look in the photo, you can see a black spot; a hole. It's right above and to the right of the gray bird-feeder hook. He's in the side of the hill and we can see right in. Not that I would look; I'm no peeping Tom.

Chris and I talked about bringing him a "welcome to the neighborhood" basket, but we're not sure he's used to our customs in these parts. He's been sitting on the rocks outside the house all morning. I hope he's not waiting for the sun as we're supposed to get rain and snow all day soon. Or maybe he needs to borrow a cup of sugar. Who knows. I worked on press yesterday. The new rollers are AMAZING. They solved so many problems I was having. Since they were new I had to re-adjust the tape on the rails of my press. I was sort of dreading that part as I had a whopping TWENTY FIVE layers of tape on EACH rail. I hated the idea of having to start again. I peeled it all off and started over and was happy to discover I only needed 2 layers of tape on each rail. PHEW! The ink distributed nice and even. Now that I'm using the Crane's Lettra paper and have an extra roller that's being used I have to use more ink than I had gotten used to using. But the quality and the whole process is so much better. I just need my California wash to come in and I'll be all set! Have a great day! I'm off to print the "green" color on my cards (yesterday was all about magenta).

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