Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Leap Frog

Hi! Today I've put the Leaping Frog flat note card up for sale. Letterpress on soft bright-white Crane's Lettra paper. Feels so soft and luxe. The envelopes are the same; and the set comes with 5 flat cards. Buy them here. I'm still loving the springy green! The leaping frog pressed nicely into the paper; I'm happy with the results for sure. Am finishing up a wedding project...including the invite and rsvp card, plus printed envelopes for both, then a directions card and stay & play card. And finally, a program. It will be fun to letterpress everything and see it all together. The couple would also like a menu/bookmark design as placecards for each guest of the wedding...that will be produced as an offset printed job. What's fun about my job is that I don't just have to letterpress my designs; I can send them to vendors to be printed offset or to be engraved....I'm strictly the designer. It's hard for everyone to afford letterpress since it's so time-consuming. For my own wedding I designed my own materials and had it all offset printed. Now that I have my own press I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again and letterpress it! Oh well. I guess I can look forward to birth announcements and party invites and all that good stuff for myself. See you tomorrow!

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