Friday, April 27, 2007

Letterpress videos

Hello! It's such a rainy day! But it's not getting me down darnit. If you are interested in letterpress like I am; it's fun to see videos of presses in action. This great page from Swayspace Letterpress Printing has several videos showing how the press works. Very useful! Just scroll down the page and a few of the big images are clickable and play movies. Well, I'm off. Tomorrow I'm meeting the the nice letterpress man again who has all kinds of things for sale at his shop. Presses, fonts, tools, etc. He's so nice and the equipment is very great. Other than that; I have some shopping and errands to run. Don't forget Mother's Day is coming soon!! Check out my Etsy Shop for ideas to include in your gift for Mom... (Love you Mom!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Megan,
I have been thinking of you so much today. I feel like a heel that I have been away from saying hi for so long. I am going to go catch up with what I have missed.
Sending you warmth and love