Friday, April 13, 2007


As it has snowed outside I could only think of spring and green. Or the wish of it. So, I worked on some stationery designs that involved that perfect shade of springy/summery green. First I had to mix it (15 parts yellow, one part process blue). Then, ink up the press. Well, I spent most of the day yesterday adjusting it because I put too much ink on. I also found that the tape on my rails compressed a lot and I was getting some ghosting on my images. I had to add more tape to the rails until I got a clean image. I now have 8 layers of tape on each rail instead of 2. But it works great. Also, cleaning off the extra ink made a nice clean print as well. It's hard to find the right balance; I usually put too little. The new rollers are such a dream. I can't say enough good things about the rubber rollers. Especially now that I've gotten things adjusted and working smoothly.
Anyway, the stationery designs are secret until they launch in another week or two, but here's the color on my logo.

I am off later this weekend on vacation to West Palm Beach, FL. I won't be around next week as we take some time for fun and sun (much needed). I plan to order the envelopes I need when we return and then I'll post my new cards on my etsy shop. I hope all is well out there and that spring weather comes here soon!

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