Saturday, June 23, 2007

Seahorses Abound!

Hey everyone! And now for my next print....I introduce "The Seahorses." This is a limited edition of only 60 prints. For sale on my etsy shop. It's illustrated and letterpressed by me in a turquoise sort of pool blue ink...but light in color. It's printed in soft and pillowy Crane's Lettra letterpress paper. It's very thick and almost feels like fabric; and I got a pretty good impression in the paper with this. This is inspired by the beautiful shapes of the bodies of seahorses amongst the coral. I like the soothing calm that I feel when I look at this print and I think it would look nice in a bathroom or child's room. But it could work anywhere I guess. Now I'm off to get cleaned up and we're off to a barbecue this evening! I hope you're enjoying your weekend as I am!

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