Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Sun

The weather has been amazing lately! So warm yet not humid. Trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I had my first reflexology appointment today and it was amazing. It's the use of foot massage and working certain areas of the feet and ankles (and sometimes hands and ears) to balance the inside of the body and thus treat illness/imbalance. I have tendonitis in my right hip and chronic pressure hives so I thought I'd give this a try since nothing else works to help. My hip felt immediately better when I left; and we'll see how things go with the hives. I have to go back a few more times so we'll see! It felt great and I highly recommend it. I had a follow-up doctor appointment for my other recent issues and the doctor thinks things are going beautifully. I'm finally putting the whole thing behind me and am excited for the future. I'm trying to stay positive to bring positive things into my life. And finally, I got notice that I'll be getting the plates for my new limited edition designs on Wednesday. I can't wait to work with them! But tomorrow I'll work on my new stationery prints for my shop and do some administrative work for my business. And onward we go!

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