Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Good morning all! Well, I didn't get to play as much on the press yesterday as I'd wanted. I went and had all my paper cut, but they cut it wrong be accident. One ream was supposed to be cut one way since it's a particular weight while the other, thicker ream was to be cut another. But she reversed them by mistake. The good thing is she's ordering me new paper and will cut it correctly for today (at no cost to me). So I scored a bunch of paper for free! It's rare when a mistake like this works out so well. It just set me back a day. But, I got home to do more adjusting on my press and found that the new tape I'd added to the rails came peeling off all over, so I have to take off ALL the tape on the rails and start from scratch. I'm annoyed at this because it will take forever and I'll have to do a lot of trial and error to make sure my rollers are at the right height. But, it's also relaxing and time well-spent to make sure everything works properly. Hopefully I can get this fixed up today and get back on track. (on track...get it? I made a pun!...ok, it wasn't very good). The photo above is of a silk jewelry travel pouch one sister in law gave me...I love the colors in it and the pattern. The dish on the left was given to me by my other sister-in-law...again I love the colors and the pattern. It's little things like this where I find my favorite color combos. On tap for tomorrow is a different networking meeting; this time not with the Chamber of Commerce but a different group called "Business Network International." I was invited to go as a guest so I figure it can't hurt to check it out. The local chapter is for the greater Boston region and very specific to where I live. It meets at 7:00 am so that will hurt a little, but I'm looking forward to any opportunities it may swing my way. I'll keep you posted! Here's a link for those of you who enjoy podcasts. A friend of mine recommended this to me as all the podcasts are about living a creative life/running a creative business whether it be through music, art, theater, etc. It hasn't been updated in a long time, but there's lots of content there to explore. Just little bits of inspiration if you are interested! Happy Wednesday all!

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Juliet said...

mistakes can be good...i like good mistakes! i wish they happend to me ALL the time (=