Friday, January 26, 2007


Sorry for the coughing; I'm covering my mouth...I promise. (waaaaaaa!!) I hate being sick. Well, I was booked to work for my client on Wednesday; and they booked me for yesterday too. So, that was a nice surprise. They wanted me for today too; but of course my creepy cough has escalated to more of an illness. I'm sort of slogging around the house to get where I need to go. I've even used up my DayQuil. And my breathing is that sort of perverted phone-call sound. You know, the guy you hang up on after he asks "what are you wearing?". In all seriousness, we had a guy call our dorm every night at 2:45 am when I was a freshman in college. I would answer and he'd say "What are you wearing" and then be silent. I was always puzzled by this. At first I said "sorry, sweatpants and a tshirt aren't really the most exciting things"...and he hung up. Then, I could hear the phones ring through the walls in other rooms on the floor. He called everyone. I always just told him to get a blowup doll and I hung up the phone. Well, he finally called during the SuperBowl once and I tried to have a conversation with him. I asked him what HE was wearing instead. I said we couldn't keep meeting like this and have it be so one-sided. He finally hung up with anger and he never called again. I talked him to death. With that, I'm off to the couch. I'm sorry no print yet. I'm sad it's not done, but I guess I have to take care of myself first. As soon as I feel ok I'm going to finish it. I'll be sure to put up photos and all. OH! And my potential new client is officially my client! He approved my quote for his project and I'm off to the races! So, I CAN say to anyone considering, that joining the Chamber of Commerce (as a graphic designer) was a good idea and worth it. A fraction of this project will pay for the membership and I might forge new relationships as the networking meetings continue. The trick is to remember that a lot of small businesses simply can't afford big-ticket marketing. So I push myself as professional and affordable. Design on a budget does not have to look bad. Be well everyone!! Happy Friday and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I hope my next post will have photos of my print with the second color (which will be brown). Later!! (Card posted above is on my inspiration board. It's a fabric card by's fuzzy/velour-like. I'd gotten it at Anthropologie a while ago. It's cool envelope is behind it. Check out the website; there's a lot of cool stuff there!)

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doc said...

If you weren't so far away, I'd offer to help you with your illness. Oh well, I guess we here in cyberland must learn to be patient to wait to see what prints you turn out. Rest up well and wow that new client so much, they recommend you to all their friends! Congrats!