Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Press Practice

Good morning all!
Well, yesterday I spent about 5 hours in the basement making adjustments and learning about my "new" letterpress (a Pearl Improved No. 11). I''ve finally saved up enough money to get the accessories needed to print, ink, etc. I've also been reading everything I can find on the subject. I still would like a guillotine cutter/stack paper cutter and a corner rounder...all in due time. I'm open to any suggestions anyone out there may have for those! Time flew by yesterday; it's so easy to get lost in everything. I don't have any prints yet since I'm still adjusting and such, but it's really interesting so far! Above are photos from my practice setups and adjusting times. You can see the old tympan paper on the platen from the previous press owner. (I will be changing it out). I still have to organize the printing area...everything is just sort of thrown on the desk down there. I need to get things to be organized that's for sure. Hopefully I will have photos to share of my first actual print within a few days.
Be well and remember to do something creative!

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