Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Color Number Two

Good evening! Or should I say "Greetings!!" Today I did some client work and then I got a chance to print the second color of my 2 color print job! Finally! Some of them got messed up; so I'm not sure how many total usable cards I got. But I'm hoping to eek out a couple sets of 5 to sell on my etsy shop soon. YAY! Brown was the second color; and I'm happy with the way it came out. (I made a joke in today's title entry...did you get it? I know I'm not funny.) I'm happy with the design... I've discovered I'm not that happy with the paper. It's very smooth and I didn't really get any impression (except where the logo is). Which is the way it's SUPPOSED to be, but I wanted at least a little bit of an impression. So when I run the job again, I will use Crane's Lettra letterpress paper which is soft and "pillowy." It is supposed to take more of an impression. I also learned that my design printed slightly crooked which will make me have to trim each card a certain way to "hide" it. Next time I'll have to take more diligence to get it straight so I don't have to fix it through cutting after the fact. BUT I'm proud of myself. It's my first letterpress project and I chose a challenging design that had to line up perfectly as two colors. I learned so much and it's been fun so far! My next several projects will be 1 color flat notecards...a bit easier to pull off as a beginner. I've just been booked for a major freelance design project for the next 1-2 months, so that will away a lot of the free time I've had for printing. But I'll still try to fit some press work in during the weekends during that time. Things are lookin' good! (And Busy!) I'll be sure to post images of the finished cards and card packs when I put them up for sale at my Etsy shop. Hopefully that will be by the weekend. You can check out today's print session on my flickr photos. I hope all is well with everyone! I'm off to go celebrate my first card print. Wahooooo! *dancing*

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Colorsonmymind said...

You made me dance baby!

I am so proud of you-they look beautiful and it seems very complicated.

Much love and snuggles