Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Celebration

(That is maniacal laughter in case you weren't sure) I finally got my press to print evenly! Friday was the magical day when I got the platen to print evenly. The bright blue ink in the image is not going to be the actual color...but it was just used so I could gauge an even print. Now I'm that much closer to having these come out the way they need to. Y
AY!!! I am in the bathroom in that picture, taking photos of myself celebrating after the "win." When the print came out evenly I stood there in disbelief while my heart raced. This time it had to have been GOOD blood pressure. I must have looked like I'd unearthed the Holy Grail or something. I imagine a glow of light shining up on my face as I stared down at the "treasure." I stayed pretty calm as I did a few more to be sure I wasn't hallucinating. Then I went upstairs to do a little dance and take photos. I also immediately marked up the print with everything I did to set it up so I'd remember and be able to do it again later.

I ate lunch right then too in order to avoid fainting from surprise. I also got a really cool sample: paper and envelopes package from Crane's. I wanted to know the difference between their "Lettra" letterpress paper and their regular cover stocks. So they sent along samples of all the kinds I'd asked about and labled them all for me! They also sent one item in every color. Same for each and every size/shape of envelopes! Now I have a nice reference library of these great papers! (It's amazing what kinds of things can excite me.) I'll be sure to order.

And finally, I got my Lassco corner rounder in the mail. I can put a stack of cards in, and it rounds the corners of the stack for me. Very cool! And will be used a LOT. I plan to use rounded corners in most of my work (where it will suit the design). I tested it out and it works great! This weekend we went to my husband's family's house up by Stratton Mtn. in Vermont. I read by the fire and watched movies/tv. Very relaxing! I also ate tons of junk food and now am a little sluggish from it all. All that "activity" takes it's toll, you know? Well, I'm off to nap. It's Sunday; it's ok. I'll end with a photo of some random dude driving a 4-wheeler along the foot-path the runs behind our house in the woods. He'd whizzed by when I was photographing my celebration. :) Have a good one!!!!


Sophie said...

You look wonderfully happy in the pictures! Great to have a path to the woods just behind your house! Wish I livid in the woods too :)


juliet said...

You're too funny! I love the Celebration Shots...& congrats and the progress! I'm excited to you too (=

doc said...

I am looking forward to watching you grow in your art. You will have more frustrations and triumphs. Your printing apron will get all inky and you will love it. Keep that enthusiastic smile and show us every step along the way! We will all be printing vicariously through you.