Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Off to Work!

Good Morning all! Well, I'm getting ready to head into the City today. I got booked yesterday to work for a client on-site today. (I'm very happy to have gotten booked!!) I don't like the commute (2 hours door to door via drive to commuter rail, commuter-rail to T, T (subway) to the stop, and a 3 block walk). But I'm grateful for the opportunity to work and happy about it. It's only for today. I can come home and rest tonight (I probably won't get home until after 7) and sleep more of the cold off tomorrow. No printing news yet! I didn't do it yesterday since it's cold in the basement. I figured that wouldn't be smart. Perhaps tomorrow. It's definitely calling me! I also got a few calls from other clients for work soon, so things are picking back up. It's been a slow month for sure. I hope February sees better times work-wise! I'm still trying for my goal for having at least one letterpressed card up for sale on my etsy shop by the end of the month. Never hurts to try, right? Well, I'm off to finish getting ready. Be well today everyone!

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