Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Progress

Whew! I feel much better this morning. Still sore, but the bath and Tylenol did wonders last night. I've put notes out in letterpress world looking for help with my "crooked printing" problem so we'll see what tips turn up. In the meantime, I thought I would post some images from yesterdays press attempts. As I'd said, I don't have the first run of color done yet. Once I solve my crooked printing issue I can keep going. But, the pictures give an idea of where I'm at. One thing I discovered yesterday was that ink is DEFINITELY different than paint! I'd always assumed that mixing it would be similar to paint. How wrong I was. I had to throw out 3 mixed batches before I got the color I wanted. The amount of blue I needed literaly could cover the head of a pin. (Mixed with a blob of Transparent White) That's it. I can't believe how little I needed. But, as you can see in the ink photo, it's quite blue! Of course, then I realized that when you put the ink on the paper it is MUCH lighter than what you see on the palette. So, I've learned to not believe what I see. And I am such a trusting person! :)

I've learned a lot so far; and I figure with each printing attempt I will get a little more adept at what I'm doing. It's easy for me to get discouraged when learning something new. I want to be good at it right away! And that just isn't possible with something like this. There are too many factors involved...so I'm learning to go with the flow and enjoy the process. Each little discovery is another little thrill that gets the adrenaline pumping and keeps me going forward. It's a lot of fun so far and I know the payoff will be worth it down the road. In other news, not much going on business-wise. I have a few consulting meetings this week and that's about it. January has been such a dead month so far! Is it always like this? It's my first dry month since I started last March. One of my consulting gigs is with someone I'd met through the Chamber o. C. networking meeting. I can't get my hopes up, but my fingers are crossed that I can build a relationship with this potential client. I really enjoy the thrill of helping small businesses improve their brand image. I love a job well done and a happy client. Well, I'm off to face this day of printing...we shall see how it goes! Have a great day all!

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