Thursday, January 04, 2007


Good day to you all! Well, I had vowed to start having some fun with photography yesterday. And I started by playing around with my new Lensbaby that my lovely husband gave me for Christmas! I highly recommend checking it out; it's a cool little "toy." The two shots I posted here were taken with it. I have to practice using it, but I like the effect of the edges. It adds an element of "surprise" to digital don't quite know exactly what you will get. Of course, it will change as I learn to control the lens. But fun! As another surprise with fun photography, my father emailed me yesterday with this:
"Found my Polaroid 230 Automatic Land Camera (Circa 1969) if you want it." Well, Yes! How cool! I've been researching now what film can go in it (since all the original film is discontinued) and what battery needs to be used. They also don't make the flash bulbs for that (apparently) anymore, but I can use it outdoors in the natural light I bet. THANKS DAD!! So, lots of fun photographing ahead for the year! It's fun to see what happens when you put your dreams out into the universe. Have a creative day everyone!

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