Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Not yet defeated

Good morning all!
Well, yesterday was another trying letterpress day. (I say this as I rub my back) I had finally gotten my design to print straight, but ran into major press operation issues when it stopped working all together. After hours and hours of troubleshooting, my husband helping as well, we came to figure out that the bottom of the right gripper was smashing the base all along and shredded up the bottom of the base. There was no warning or sound that I knew this was happening. It slowly threw the pressbed crooked and hence stopped it from working properly. Upon the realization I felt like I had about 2 heart attacks and 1 panic attack. I thought the press was dead, but my husband the superhero with a ratchet made some adjustments to the form and re-balanced out the bed. It seems to be working great now; and I'm no longer hitting the bottom of the right gripper. A HUGE lesson learned. I'll get there yet! Today I have a consultation with a potential client in the morning and then errands to run. I'll have to start my design layout from scratch this afternoon since all the adjustments yesterday have changed things. We'll see what I can accomplish today as tomorrow will be strictly a design/administrative day. The good things this morning: It's sunny out, my blood pressure is coming down after yesterday, and I'm going to have FUN dammit! Stay strong everyone!

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juliet said...

i bursted out laughing when i read "I felt like I had about 2 heart attacks and 1 panic attack"... i just pictured you saying that. too funny-hang in there! you almost got it...and you WILL have