Thursday, January 11, 2007


19 is the number of layers of tape I needed for my press on each rail. I spent all day yesterday taping and testing and taping some more. I cannot believe how thick the tape is!! But now, the rollers are at the perfect height where they are finally not inking the entire printing base and plate. Now, the rollers just kiss the top of my plate and I'm now good to go. I'm not sure if I'm going to start printing today though...I need a little recovery from my 8 hour tape-wrangling episode from yesterday. I also got my paper, correctly cut this time. I'm finding it makes a nice impression, and is very smooth. My original goal was to get soft fluffy paper, but it's kind of hard to write notes on without the pen snagging a lot. So I've gone with the smooth and thick paper for the stationery projects for now and we'll see. I want to try Crane's "Lettra" letterpress paper. Maybe in another month or budget is tapped for now! On another note, I went to the Business Network Intl chapter meeting today and it was very interesting! Only one member of each profession is allowed in the chapter at a time. And everyone make sure to refer each other from the group; they keep track of referrals and the money brought in to the businesses from those referrals. It seems to work out quite well for everyone involved. I'm not quite decided on whether I will join or not. It's a big time commitment with mandatory meetings every Thursday am. It also calls for time outside of the meetings as well. I'm just not thinking I have so much time to devote so faithfully. But it HAS taught me the power of networking and how word of mouth makes such a difference for people. Now, I think the rest of my day today will be spent brainstorming and thinking about a few projects coming down the pipeline. Above photo is of a corner of my vanity table...on the lookout for a mirror that is of medium size and a bit modern or different in some way. I'd also like to find some sort of bright light for the area as well so I can actually do my makeup there and not come out looking like Bozo's bride. Any suggestions are welcome! Happy creating all!

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Colorsonmymind said...

I am ahving my won bit of struggle with materials-trying to figure out my printer settings.

Can't wait to see what you create with the paper.

Love your banner.

Warm Hugs